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About Hair Transplantations

What is Hair Loss?

Hair mass is determined by the number of hairs (density) and the diameter. Hair loss and growth result from changes in density (n/square centimeter) and diameter (microns). In thinning, the diameter is progressively reduced with each cycle. In shedding the density is reduced because hairs of normalsized diameter falls out and the skin surface becomes more visible.

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Bleeding is one of the most common hair transplant side effects. On rare occasions, bleeding is a likely side effect of the hair transplantation procedure. While some bleeding could happen in all likelihood, with simple measures, it is easily treatable. However, constant bleeding may require additional stitching.



Other hair transplant side effects include scalp infection. An infection from a hair transplant is although rare, but still a possible side effect. However, one in thousands of cases is such where the infection occurs.


Swelling of the scalp

Swelling is one of the rather rare hair transplant side effects. The commonly affected areas of influence are the forehead and the eyes. While the average time for which swelling lasts is a couple of days, in severe cases, it can last longer.



There are 5 cases of hair transplant out of 100 where the patients experience hiccups as one of the hair transplant side effects. It is unclear why are how hiccups and hair transplant side effects are related but, once they start, hiccups can last up to several days.



Cysts are a pimple sized protrusions which seldom turn out to be malignant. A cyst is also one of the major hair transplant side effects. A patient may suffer from cyst formation if he or she has experienced damage to the scalp because of the hair follicles pushing deeper into the layers. Although easily treatable, cysts are not a matter of ignorance. One must seek proper medical advice for cysts.



Out of every 10 patients, there are, on average, at least three who would experience an itchy scalp. Thus, itching is also one of the most common hair transplant side effects. While the intensity of itching may vary, the best bet is to get it checked before it becomes even more severe. A common cause of itchy scalp is the occurrence of scabs, which is easily treatable with regular application of shampoo. One must opt for a consultation with a medical expert in case the irritation doesn’t subside the problem & it escalates beyond tolerance. There are special moisturizing oils that help treat this issue

Follicular Unit Transplantation - FUT hair loss

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